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State Public Officials - Click here to log in and update your contact information, and file a Statement of Economic Interests.


Request to View SEIs

Members of the Press and General Public - Click here to request statements for elected officials, appointed officials, candidates, and other officials required to filed Statements of Economic Interests (SEIs).

If you wish to view a Statement of Economic Interests for one or more officials, please complete the form ETH-2: Request to Examine SEIs, and submit it to the Ethics Commission staff.

If you wish to see a list of state public officials required to file SEIs, click the button below. 

Agency Users

Agency Users - Click here to add new officials required to file a Statement of Economic Interests or to manage information about existing agency officials required to file.


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State candidates may enter and submit their Statements of Economic Interests after they have registered their candidate committees here. Candidates for Municipal Judge can add their information under the "For Candidates" tab. See the "For Candidates" tab or contact Ethics Commission staff for more information.