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State Public Officials - Click here to log in and update your contact information, and file a Statement of Economic Interests.

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Members of the Press and General Public - Click here to request statements for elected officials, appointed officials, candidates, and other officials required to filed Statements of Economic Interests (SEIs).

If you wish to view a Statement of Economic Interests for one or more officials, please complete the form ETH-2: Request to Examine SEIs, and submit it to the Ethics Commission staff.

If you wish to see a list of state public officials required to file SEIs, click the button below. 

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Agency Users - Click here to add new officials required to file a Statement of Economic Interests or to manage information about existing agency officials required to file.


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Candidates may always submit their Statements of Economic Interests using this form: ETH-1: Statement of Economic Interests

In the future, candidates may enter and submit their Statements of Economic Interests using this website.  Please check back for further information after April 15, 2020.